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There are lots and lots of Apps. In fact there are over a couple of million Apps including all of the major brands, Apple, Google, Blackberry, Microsoft with Apple at the top and Microsoft in the bottom. But this is a growing market. The variety is truly bewildering, different size devices; different operating systems(OS); different programming languages;  and different orientations. This post is not very recent but you can see how the various mobile operating systems compare: http://www.ibtimes.com/android-vs-ios-whats-most-popular-mobile-operating-system-your-country-1464892 The interactive image in the article really shows the popularity of a given OS/device among different geographical regions. Windows Phone Apps is for example based on Microsoft's Window 7, 8, 8.1 OSs using .NET. With Windows OS and Visual Studio one can build Apps for all of Microsoft devices cove... (more)

Use Sybase(SAP)'s SQL Anywhere OLE DB Provider 16 to create a linked server in SQL Server 2012

Linked servers offer the following advantages as noted in MSDN documentation: •The ability to access data from outside of SQL Server. •The ability to issue distributed queries, updates, commands, and transactions on heterogeneous data sources across the enterprise. •The ability to address diverse data sources similarly. There are two ways to create Linked Servers in SQL Server 2012. Using SQL Server Management StudioUsing the sp_addlinkedserver stored procedure Microsoft SQL Server 2012 has two providers to connect to SQL Anywhere 16 from SAP (Sybase). They are, MSDASQL - Microsoft OLE D... (more)

NoSQL Azure Service DocumentDB as a service announced

Azure platform is going all out and it is burgeoning. "Microsoft Azure DocumentDB is a document-oriented, NoSQL database service designed for modern mobile and web applications" The above from Microsoft site. Microsoft beefs its Azure Services portfolio with yet another service. Azure DocementDB service is which also serves as a search tool. Searching stuff that goes into NoSQL should be very useful. It is presently available as a technology preview product and developers will be able to run SQLesque queries on  JSON data and supports transactional consistency. Under the hoods it uses th... (more)

These patches from Microsoft may be harmful for your computers, uninstall them

According to Woody Leonard's post on InfoWorld, the following recent patches do more harm then good. It appears that Microsoft has taken them out of its site. If it is installed uninstall them as they may cause Windows to freeze creating Blue Screen horros in Windows 7 and Balck Screen horrors in Windows 8.1. Windows updates causing problems (sometimes) is not new to me. KB 2982791 KB 2970228 KB 2975719 KB 2975331 In Windows 8.1 search for Windows Updates from Search in charms and pick up view installed updates history. ... (more)

@ThingsExpo | @AylaNetworks PaaS for Internet of Things Platform (#IoT)

Featuring PaaS for Internet of Things Connecting and controlling any device on the internet is easy and cost effective if you can buy into Ayla's IOT Cloud Platform. Cloud based services on the Ayla IoT Cloud Fabric are invoked by software agents embedded in the IoT Connected devices and the mobile device apps. Since this is a complete end-to-end scalable solution Ayla Networks provides a number of benefits for the customers: Simple to implement Accelerate development Lower Cost Scalable Reduced risk Agility Read details here: http://www.aylanetworks.com/ Well there are quite a few ven... (more)