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I hope my latest book "Microsoft SQL Azure Enterprise Application Development" which should be available in a couple of days appeals to the readers as much as my two other books on Microsoft BI. This book covers most of the changes that took place between the CTP and the updates in October 2010. Even as I am writing this post it must be undergoing more changes,a fact that may take away the shine from what is written in the past. Notwithstanding, the core ideas do not change; what changes perhaps are, a few more modified screens; a new UI; and some additional hooks. The more profound changes will be totally new elements that gets added to product with time and that is the time for yet another book. Some of the details of what you can learn copied from Packt Site is reproduced here: An easy to understand briefing on Microsoft Windows Azure Platform Services Connect t... (more)

Microsoft Azure Internet of Things Services Update | @ThingsExpo [#IoT]

At Convergence 2015 in Atlanta, GA Microsoft outlined Microsoft's vision of IoT on 16th March. Convergence is actually showcasing of Microsoft Dynamics CRM products but as PowrBI is very much a part of IoT, a large part of the talk from the CEO was on 'Azure IoT Suite' and how Windows 10 will play out in IoT. Here is the complete Azure IoT Services suite, some production worthy(almost) and others in preview: Preview Stage-Likely to enter GA stage next month Azure DocumentDB Azure Stream Analytics Azure Machine Learning Power BI In general availability (GA) stage Azure Notification... (more)

A Gun Mounted Camera as an IoT Device | @ThingsExpo [#IoT]

It will be interesting (perhaps quite easy) to develop a tamper-proof gun mounted camera that can automatically log all activities and stream load data to a cloud service. Such a device should be a standard official issue. In fact as gun-related violence has been on the radar, it should be mandatory for all registered guns. ... (more)

Moving Towards IoT: 5G Challenges and Trends | @ThingsExpo [#IoT]

Moving Towards IoT: 5G Challenges and Trends 5G is not just faster data and/or higher capacity only. It is much more than these obvious characteristics. For one thing for IoT to succeed; the grand vision created for its debut on a universal scale, 5G is a must. More users; more devices interconnected at any instant of time. The 5G must address the issues arising out of interconnected devices in addition to only users. Also for IoT to succeed additional items like coverage of the serviced region (Can you hear me now!) and more efficient networks. The data rates required by 5G are so... (more)

Optomec and IoT | @ThingsExpo #IoT #M2M #ML #InternetOfThings

IoT depends to a large part on the availability of custom hardware of sensors that can be efficiently manufactured with exacting tolerances in its specifications. Smart Parts manufacturing will be one of the key technologies required to address the IoT 3D Sensors and 3D Antennae. Optomec which manfuactures production grade 3D printers can manufacture parts both in plastics and metals. Here is a picture showing some of the smart stuff that can be made using Optomec 3D Printers. The parts made with additive printing uses the Aerosol Jet Process (no different from spraying a liqui... (more)